Social Bridge Lessons at McMartin House (on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:30) will begin on January 11 and run through to March 29th.  Spaces will be limited. To ensure admission, you may pre-register by calling Kveta Privora at 613-300-9502. On-site registration will be possible ONLY if spaces are still available. Social Bridge is distinct from Duplicate Bridge; it is competitive, but it is less formally structured and allows more opportunities for socializing.

Kveta Privora and Joy Price, both excellent players (who play both duplicate and social Bridge), provide the instruction and expert guidance.  Volunteers from the Friday Afternoon Bridge Club provide a core of experienced players, scattered among the tables, and assist with mentoring. A McMartin House Membership ($20) is required.  Each player also pays a $2.00 per session fee. Text books and other resources are provided without additional cost.


Information from Abby Katz Starr

Assistant Deputy Minister (A), Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat

We would like to tell you about how we are working to help meet the needs of Ontario’s seniors now and in the future though the Seniors Active Living Centres Act., ​which replaces legislation governing Ontario's Elederly Persons' Centres. The new name reflects a new approach to active and healthy aging, with modern provisions that build on the strengths of the EPC program and maintains flexibility, accountability and program clarity that aligns with government direction.

In addition to the renaming, the new legislation does the following:

  • Clarifies the mandate  - states purpose of the program is to promote active and healthy living, social engagement, and learning for persons who are primarily seniors by providing them with activities and services;
  • Preserves the strengths of the current legislation by maintaining key provisions such as the program requirement of a minimum 20% municipal contribution;
  • Adds flexibility to ensure that the government has the choice to explore program partnerships between EPCs and organizations, in addition to municipalities, in the future; and
  • Moves the majority of EPC administrative program rules from legislation and regulation to program guidelines.

This modernized Act and program will not change the current program funding model. It will contribute to better support for seniors and provide a foundation for future investment in the program.

To view the legislation please click here .