Useful Resources for Seniors


Our Federal  Government has many Resources for Seniors!  Here is a link that will connect you to a portal for all of them!



According to Ontario Ministry of Finance projections for the period 2008 to 2036, the number of seniors in Ontario aged 65 and over is projected to more than double by 2036 from 1.9 million in 2013, to 4.1 million.  By 2016, for the first time, seniors will account for a larger share of population than children aged 0–14.  The Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat (OSS) is an important response, providing a major source of information relevant to the needs of Ontario Seniors and contributing to the development of related policies and programs. Their website is located at 

Note that Calling 211 in Ontario (that's the complete phone number) takes you to a helpline staffed by highly trained specialists who have access to an online database of Ontario’s community and social services.

Calls are free and confidential and a live person answers 24/7.



Raymond Cho, the Government of Ontario's Minister for Seniors and Accessibility, has asked us to share the following information.

Ontario is committed to keeping seniors healthy but untreated oral care can lead to future chronic diseases and reduced quality of life. That is why our government launched the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, which will provide free routine dental care for eligible low-income seniors across the province. Ontarians aged 65 and over with an income of $19,300 or less, or couples with a combined annual income of $32,300 or less, who do not have dental benefits, will qualify for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.

The new dental care program will be available through public health units, including some mobile dental clinics, as well as participating Community Health Centres and Aboriginal Health Access Centres. A new user-friendly web portal to apply for the program is now open and can be accessed via Seniors can also pick up an application form at their local public health unit. 

To find out more, please call: 416-916-0204 or Toll-Free 1-833-207-4435;  TTY 1-800-855-0511


The following information (primarily supporting active living, care-giving and maintenance of health) has been selected from the OSS publication, “A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario”:  Note that this long section on the topic of HEALTH is followed by a section on GREENSAVER and its role in linking eligible participants to free upgrades that contribute to energy efficiency in homes.

Community Care Access Centres (CCAC’s)
CCAC’s are local non-profit community agencies that provide simplified access to home and community care, and can help you live independently in your own home for as long as possible.  They are also your single point of access for admission to a long term care home.

General information is available at the Central Phone Number, 310-CCAC (310-2222).  No area code is required.  Note that if you want to apply for admission to a long term care home, you must do so through your LOCAL CCAC, which is the South East Local Health Integration Network:  (LOCAL PHONE NUMBERS follow).

Community Home Support Lanark County  - Services for Seniors & Adults with Physical Disabilities
Perth: 613-267-6400; Smiths Falls: 613-283-6745; Lanark: 613-259-5412;
Carleton Place: 613-253-0733; Pakenham 613-624-5647

Contact the above local phone numbers for information on the following community support services - (Note that fees may be charged for some consumer costs or for some services and that all services may not be available in all locations):
Adult Day Programs; Caregiver Support Services; Client Intervention and Assistance Services; Emergency Response Service; Foot Care Services; Friendly Visiting Services; Home Help Referral Service; Home Maintenance and Repair Services; Meal Services (Meals on Wheels) ; Social or Recreational Services; Transportation Services; Security Checks or Reassurance Services; Palliative Care; Complex Continuing Care.

VOLUNTEERS are the heart and soul of Community Home Support Lanark County. Without volunteers, their services would not exist. If you can help, please call the office nearest you.



Physical Activity Tips for Older Adults

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Ontario Parks (reduced fees for seniors)

Fishing and Hunting (special provisions for seniors)
Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoors Card Centre


Third Age Network
This network consists of self-managed groups of seniors who share learning experiences on a wide range of subjects.



Home, Community and Residential Services for Seniors (information)

Tax Credits for Caregivers

Telehealth Ontario
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this free service connects you to a registered nurse who can provide confidential health advice and general health information. You will be asked to describe your symptoms and answer questions. The registered nurse may then advise self-care, recommend a visit to a health practitioner or refer you to community resources near you. This service is available in English or French, with translation support for other languages and a direct TTY number for those with hearing and speech difficulties.

1-866-797-0000; TTY: 1-866-797-0007;

Ontario Health Card Maintenance (OHIP)


Your Ontario photo health card has an expiry date that matches your birthday, and must be periodically renewed and another photo taken.  Renewal notices are mailed to you two months in advance of the expiry date.  Red and white health cards do not have an expiry date. If you are 80 years of age or older, you have the option of renewing by mail, but your new health card won’t include your photo or signature.

Service Ontario: 1-866-532-3161; TTY: 1-800-387-5559;


Ontario Drug Benefit Program
May be reached by the same numbers as OHIP, above, and by


Hearing Care Counselling Program
Designed to help seniors (55+) stay connected, independent and confident, offering information on communication devices and other available services in the comfort of their own home. Counsellors provide home visits, education, demonstrations and recommendations of communication devices.
Canadian Hearing Society: 1-877-347-3427; TTY: 1-877-216-7310;


Mental Health
Contact your family doctor for information on Specialized Geriatric mental Health Outreach Programs, Programs for Seniors with Mental Illness, Hospital Based Psychiatric Services, Addiction Services.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to improving services and support for people living with mental illness and their families. It provides services in 32 branches across Ontario and may be reached at 1-800-875-6213 or


MedicAlert® Safely Home®
The Alzheimer Society and the Canadian Medical Alert Foundation have partnered to combine the best features of MedicAlert Services and the Alzheimer Society’s “Safely Home” program. For a fee, members receive an engraved identification bracelet that allows police and emergency responders to quickly identify the person who has wandered.

1-855-581-3794 or (>Living with dementia >Safety >MedicAlert®Safely Home®).


Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones more brittle and more likely to break during a fall. Older women are especially at risk of developing the disease. Ask your doctor for a bone mineral density test to determine your risk. General information is available from:
Osteoporosis Canada at 1-800-463-6842 or .




These may include:Energy efficient light bulbs, ENERGY STAR Refrigerator, Low Flow showerheads, ENERGY STAR Freezer. Faucet aerators, Programmable Thermostats, Weatherstripping (doors and windows), Window air conditioners and Home Insulation.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?      (Watch for the "OR's and "ANDS")                                     

A person who has received one of the following allowances for the past 12 months:

National Child Benefit Supplement;  Allowance for the Survivor; Guaranteed Income Supplement; Allowance for Seniors; Ontario Works; Ontario Disability Support Program;


 You have received Utility Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Grant within the past 12 months;


Your annual household income (before tax income of all household members, age 18 or older) meets specicific criteria.


Your name appears on the electric utility bill (unless you live in social housing)


If you are a TENANT, you have the written cinsent of your building's owner or manager to join the program.

For complete details or to apply directly with Greensaver, call 1 855 591 0877

Or email or visit