Our Objectives

(Formerly named Perth & District Senior Craft Fellowship)
By Supplementary Letters Patent
Dated September 08/2015


  1. To promote good fellowship among the citizens of Perth and District, and in particular the senior citizens of Perth and District;
  2. To promote and provide activities and events for the senior citizens of Perth and District;
  3. To include activities/events of a social, recreational or educational nature such as Rug Hooking, Knitting, Crocheting and other Crafts, Dancing, Exercise, Yoga, Card Games like Bridge and Euchre, Book Clubs, Stamp Collecting/Hobby Clubs and Friendship Clubs.
  4. To provide learning opportunities for our mature adult community such as opportunities to learn new Crafts or Hobbies, Dancing, how to play Bridge.
  5. To organise craft shows and social events for the citizens of Perth and District that will appeal to young and old.
  6. To maintain and establish a Seniors Active Living Centre (formerly named Elderly Persons Centres): and
  7. To accept money from Her Majesty The Queen either in right of the Dominion of Canada or in right of the Province of Ontario, for any and purposes including but not limited to the maintenance and operation of a Seniors Active Living Centre.